English and American Pools

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Scheme Companies

The "Scheme Companies"

Current name Previous names / additional information (if applicable)
Baloise Insurance Ltd The Baloise Insurance Company Limited
City International Insurance Company Limited City Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
Dowa Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd Dowa Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
East West Insurance Company Limited
English & American Insurance Company Limited The general business of Providence Capitol Life
Assurance Company Limited (previously Slater Walker Life Assurance Company Limited, Slater Walker Insurance Company Limited and Arrow
Life Assurance Company Limited) was transferred 28 February 1988

Fuji International Insurance Company Limited Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
Hiscox Insurance Company Limited Economic Insurance Company Ltd
The Home Insurance Company (In Liquidation) City Insurance Company of New Jersey
The Insurance Corporation of Singapore (U.K.) Limited  
KX Reinsurance Company Limited Continental Management Services Limited,
Lombard Continental Insurance Limited,
Lombard Continental Insurance PLC,
Lombard Elizabethan Insurance PLC,
Lombard Insurance Company (UK) PLC,
Lombard Insurance Company (UK) Limited and
Maltese Cross Insurance Company Limited
Metropolitan Reinsurance Company (U.K.) Limited
Moorgate Insurance Company Limited Pohjola Insurance Company (UK) Ltd
Nippon Insurance Company of Europe Limited Nippon Fire and Marine Insurance Company (UK) Limited (The)
Polygon Insurance Company Limited
Swiss Re International SE, UK Branch SR International Business Insurance Company PLC,
SR International Business Insurance Company Limited,
Switzerland Insurance Company (UK) Limited,
and Switzerland General Insurance Company (London) Ltd as a subsidiary
of Schweiz Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG
Tower Insurance Limited The National Insurance Company of New Zealand Ltd

Pool Companies not proposing to Scheme

Current name Previous names / additional information (if applicable)
ACE European Group Limited ACE INA UK Limited,
Insurance Company of North America (UK) Limited,
Continental Assurance Company of London Limited,
Crusader Insurance PLC
Swiss Re Europe S.A., UK Branch Swiss Reinsurance Company UK Limited,
ERC Frankona Reinsurance (II) Limited,
GE Frankona Reinsurance Limited,
Kemper Reinsurance London Limited,
Tower Hill Insurance Company Limited

The members of the Pools described immediately above, whose share of the Pools liabilities amounts to less than 3 percent (and less than 1 percent of the total Scheme liabilities), are not proposing a scheme but, in order to preserve the benefits for policyholders of the unified closure of the Pools business, are willing to consider commuting with creditors of the Pools on parallel terms as if they were in the Scheme.
Copies of the latest publicly available financial accounts for the above Scheme Companies are available on request from PRO Insurance Solutions Limited, contact details of which can be found here.